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Want to know by chiisu13

I don't know whether to call this sexy or creepy, but I certainly like it. Something about the film grain gives it an edge, like an old horror film. I give you a 5 for technique because of that, and the way you did your makeup. I also love that your eyes are hidden. It adds tension and draws the eye down toward your mouth, and it gives you a little anonymity which adds to the horror. I also like the straight line from the center of your lips, down the knife, along your knuckles and into your cleavage. It leads the eye and adds a little sex to the horror of it all. The whole scene has a playful air, like you just don't care about the pain when it comes to self-mutilation, almost as if you need to hurt yourself, and that is one of the scariest things about the Joker - he wasn't afraid of anything. Well done.
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